Lola Hid Around The Corner

I found this poem the other day, stored away in the depths of the many folders on my messy Macbook desktop. I wrote this when I was seventeen and going through a rough time.


The bones of our family,

Are broken.

Lola hid a round the corner,

Knowing they would not heal.

The sight of our family,

Is gone.

Lola hid around the corner,

Too scared to move.

The lips of our family,

Are cracked.

Like a big plate,

Smashed on the ground.

Lola hid around the corner,

Her fingers bled,

As she picked up the shards.

My mother wept,

But not for us.

She wept for herself,

Herself and her sadness.

I saw my mother in colours,

In hues of blue and mossy greens,

As if she were the murky bit of the ocean,

Or the deep end of a pool.

Her eyes were hollow,

Her car was old,

She played the same song all the time.

Lola hid around the corner,

Because she could not swim.

The bones of our family,

Now wear a cast.

There is an itch,

And we donโ€™t have a fork.

Lola hid around the corner,

Searching for cutlery.

My father returned,

Rose from the dead.

His child was missing,

But his clothes were neat.

Lola hid around the corner,

Ironing the laundry.

The limbs of our family,

Unattached from its core.

My mother drove to a cliff,

She did not jump.

She looked out instead.

My father, however,

Went in the ocean.

He did not return again,

And my mother,

She didnโ€™t speak.

Her tongue was twisted,

Stuck in her gums.

Our bones did not heal correctly,

And the cast was never removed.

There was always that itch,

And our sight not restored.

So Lola hid around the corner.

cover image via tumblrย (@ helpfvl )


2 Comments Add yours

  1. This is so beautiful, but it just shattered my heart. May you have the strength to take on whatever may come, even if your wounds still haven’t healed. Much love.


    1. Ruby O'Brien says:

      That is very kind of you. Thank you


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