Yada Yada Yada… Seinfeld’s Stamp on Pop Culture

“Popularity within culture is almost ephemeral: lasting for a minute amount of time, and more often than none forgotten by society – only to be recalled when someone more attentive than us digs it back up again. Yet, what seems to eternally remain is Seinfeld. Seinfeld doesn’t need much of an introduction – what began as a somewhat unpopular sitcom in 1989; Seinfeld has exuded a level of metamorphosis. Aside from the hilarity of the sitcom’s “nothingness” (as it has been universally dubbed), Seinfeld was (and still is through re-runs) a cultural influencer bigger, and more everlasting that anyone could perhaps possibly imagine. For a show about nothing, Seinfeld’s somewhat trivial commentary on everyday life has manifested itself into lingo, phrases and branding omnipresent within society and firmly etched into the fabric of not only the entertainment industry, but perhaps eternally into our own minds.”


originally published on SPEAKER TV.


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