The Gooch Palms on Moving Through Feelings, Creative Freedom & Los Angeles

The Gooch Palms are crazy, funny, and gloriously noisy in every way. Born and bred in Newcastle, Kat Friend (drums, vocals) and Leroy Macqueen (guitar, vocals) are the ultimate partners in crime – that is, if making really, really good tunes were a felony. It’s a low-fi approach to rock music that sets the duo apart. From gritty guitars, crash-bang drums, and brutally honest lyrics to colourful costumes and kooky music videos, The Gooch Palms aren’t afraid to step outside the box, burn the box to the ground, and dance upon it’s ashes. Whether it’s a wild show involving nakedness, or an isolated night in (much like their latest album, Introverted Extroverts suggests), The Gooch Palms can always be sure to give 110% to their music – a feat untouched even by the biggest names out there. Such a labour of love is undeniable in their latest album – it’s a passion to perform and to create that has spawned some of the greatest goddamn jams you’ll ever hear.

Since relocating to Los Angeles early last year, the duo has spent their time in the U.S. starting up a record label, touring, and recording Introverted Extroverts. Now back in the mother country for a few weeks, The Gooch Palms are set to embark on their ‘Introverted Extroverts’ tour next month.

I had the privilege of asking them about the creative process of their latest LP.


originally published on SPEAKER TV.


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