How Social Media Has Created The New Beauty Standard

Attractiveness is like currency: there is this worldwide, universal “understanding” that the more good-looking you are, the more successful you are. Sometimes people have it and lots of it, but it’s all part of a bigger man’s game – you know, society’s so-called rules of attractiveness? Yet, as we all know, beauty standards are relative to time and place. For instance, the body of a Victoria’s Secret Angel wouldn’t have resonated as much with both men and women in an age dominated by the likes of Marilyn Monroe. In turn, even today, the same standards of beauty practice in Asia are completely different to that of the Western world. However, while beauty standards shall always remain – and have always remained – it has been the rise of the Internet, and, in particular, the creation of social media that has spawned an impact upon society greater than perhaps we ever could have imagined.


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originally published on SPEAKER TV.


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