Album Review: Jake Bugg – On My One

Jake Bugg is no stranger to success. With a smoldering of a Gallagher brother, the 22-year-old is hardly the ideal pop star poster boy. Yet, being a little rough around the edges is what has propelled Bugg into indie-rock superstardom, having had his 2012 self-titled debut enter the UK charts at number one. Four years on, and with a sophomore album squeezed in-between, Jake Bugg’s third album, On My One, is a clever blend of production and lyrics as the Brit’s latest effort manages to take him to a feat of untouchable, uncharted territory. A large departure from his previous two records, Jake Bugg (2012), and Shangri La (2013), On My One isn’t as punchy in its delivery, yet there is a certain pensive charm about it that makes On My One a real stand alone record. Slowing down the tempo a little by inviting a cool mix of different genres to give their two cents worth, On My One hears Jake Bugg not only evolve as a musician, but also mature as a singer-songwriter. If his past two albums were a commentary, Bugg’s On My One seems more like a deeper, darker reflection.


originally published on SPEAKER TV.


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