Album Review: Arthur Beatrice – Keeping The Peace

Having previously been hailed by critics as the new The xx, Arthur Beatrice’s latest offering, Keeping The Peace redefines their distinctive sound, and takes it to a whole other planet. Following the release of their 2014 debut, Working Out, Keeping the Peace ups the ante – breathing a level of both emotion and passion not previously seen so extensively by the London-based quartet. Keeping The Peace breaks many boundaries. While indie-rock seems a safe label, if Arthur Beatrice’s sophomore LP is anything to go by, nothing is out of the question. Influences of jazz, folk, and, perhaps, even inklings of electronica, shine bright in Keeping The Peace, layering themselves alongside Ella Girardot’s beautiful, operatic vocals.Keeping The Peace is a new chapter for Arthur Beatrice in many ways. While previously sharing a lead vocal role, guitarist and keyboardist Orlando Leopard seems to have taken a step back on this album – allowing Girardot’s stunning voice to give Keeping The Peace a softer, more feminine edge.


originally published on SPEAKER TV.


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